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BROODMARE ANALYSIS Broodmare Analysis Family Comments (how the mare has been built step-by-step to find her  probable genetic makeup, Dosage Diagram, Race Record,  Four Generation Unedited Produce Record, Sire Selections tailored to your requirements, GSV and GRASP scores of mare, etc.
U.S. "The smallest expense in a thoroughbred operation, but the one that promises the greatest return in quality of life in addition to financial gain." Revised Sire Selections on Previously Analyzed Broodmares.  $200/mare U.S.  **Rush orders are 50% more [When you need the information yesterday and are willing to pay to expedite your order].  Clients incovenienced as a result and processed slower will earn the equivalent credit towards future research.  Canadian clients may pay in Canadian dollars.
STALLION ANALYSIS Stallion Analysis Family Comments(detailing how the stallion was genetically built and likely to perform at stud), Dosage Diagram, Racetrack Performance Characteristics, Nicking and Booking Patterns (maximize sire potential thru correct screening).  $750 U.S.  Canadian clients can use Canadian dollars
Foals 1980-2017 Research Private and Public Sales, Claims, etc.
Research of Stallions, Broodmares, Horses of Racing Age, Yearlings,and Weanlings. $200 U.S. Funds/hr, minimum of $100.00 for research
Sales: $300/sale plus commission: 2018 Commission Reduction Sale: Now 2% commission on purchase price of sales purchase [US Funds]
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