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Welcome to the Matchmaker 2018 Retainer Page

This page has been designed to help you obtain your Matchmaker research in as timely a manner as possible by paying a retainer through PayPal for expected services rendered.  If you prefer to pay through bank transfer, simply email the matchmaker and he'll forward you the banking details you need to deposit money straight into his bank account.  Should the client receive services at a cost less than the retainer, the difference will be refunded quickly through PayPal.  Retainer's may also be in the form of checks written to "George William Smith", but the start of my research will be delayed until the check has "cleared" for new clients or until I have received the check from regular clients. 

Stallion Analysis.....$750 per stallion

Broodmare Analyses....Price varies with number.....after the 3rd mare, each additional mare is $300

Number of Mares
It is expected that clients will forward a retainer of at least 50% of the expected cost of the services provided.  Choose one of the retainers below to order your research now.  If the proposed retainer is greater than any of the choices, please contact The Matchmaker.

$150.00 retainer

$200 retainer

$300 retainer

$400 retainer

$500.00 retainer

$1000.00 retainer
$1500.00 retainer
$2000.00 retainer
$2500.00 retainer

I thank you for your confidence in my research.  My opinion could just be what your operation needs to maximize it's profit and the fun of thoroughbred racing.